“The Circles’ model is an amazing tool to help move participants out of poverty. Attending the weekly meetings and hearing Circle Leaders call the group 'their Circles family' is especially moving. Seeing the work these people do is very humbling and worthwhile.” - Rebecca, Circles Coordinator

The influence of a new friend can mean a lifetime of success for individuals stuck in cyclical poverty, not to mention emotional fulfillment for their allies.

The Circles Initiative brings communities together to helps low-income families move out of poverty permanently. Arrive Utah leads the statewide expansions of the Circles Initiative. To learn more about the Circles Initiative, click here


The Circles Initiative brings low-income families and allies from middle to high-income individuals together. These relationships provide a foundation for success that lasts a lifetime.

Allies share in the success of a family’s future and are the cornerstone to our program. Volunteering in Utah with Arrive will change your life and theirs.