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Our Mission

We believe our communities are strong and stable when all families in them thrive. Arrive USA strengthens human capital in businesses and communities by helping leaders design innovative and effective poverty alleviation solutions that help people: secure basic needs, increase social capital, achieve living wages, and thrive as individuals and families.

Our Work

We support communities and philanthropists dedicated to breaking and halting generational poverty in their communities. Arrive USA/Arrive Utah provides training, consulting, strategic planning, evaluations, and participatory funds (when available) to communities, organizations, and companies dedicated to moving families out of poverty.

We enthusiastically consult philanthropists and foundations wanting to invest in ending generational poverty to better understand how to identify and best support this level of work in the communities they care about.  

The intersectionality of poverty on individual and societal levels requires a high level of understanding, insight, and skills by leaders, staff, donors, and community members. This level of work often requires a change to our standard service approaches and funding structures of social services. Contact us today to learn how to help end generational poverty! The results are worth the work.

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Our History

In 2011 the first Circles Initiative chapter in Utah was started to solve poverty and help families achieve living wages in Utah. Community Action Services and Food Bank organized Arrive Utah to work on the statewide expansion of the Circles Initiative. Arrive Utah led the statewide expansions of the Circles Initiative from 2016 to 2021 and continues to engage with the Circles Initiative throughout  Utah and the U.S. 

In 2021, Arrive Utah separated from our previous lead agency into our own nonprofit: Arrive USA (with DBA Arrive Utah). We continue our training and consulting with groups, organizations, and communities dedicated to ending local poverty-- our services are no longer exclusive to Circles chapters in Utah. We will help communities find the model that will best utilize the resources available to meet the needs of families in poverty in their communities.