I came to Circles because of a suggestion from my church leader. My husband and I just hadn't been able to make ends meet for years. I was working three part-time jobs and raising six kids. My husband refused to work more than his full-time job. I was hoping Circles could either help him find a better paying job or a second job at least.Gaylene new house

As we were close to graduating from Circles, I realized that our marriage was probably not going to last. My goals had changed, so I asked if we could have separate Allies. 

I was introduced to my new Ally, Helen. She helped me transition into a successful, divorced mom. Helen helped me with my resume and practiced interviewing. We discussed the many subjects around setting up my own household. I needed a car of my own, too. Because I couldn't provide benefits working my part time jobs, I needed a career change, as well.

Just when we were thinking I was close to graduating, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Helen continued to keep in touch with me about what we were learning in Circles. After I finished treatment and gained my strength back, we talked again about my goals and got back on track.

Through Circles I have learned more about goal setting and the resources available to me. I am now debt free, own my own car, have a great job with benefits that has potential to increase my income. I have found I can dream again and reach my goals and be proud of who I am.