Kristie & AllyCircles has provided me with many different connections in my life. It has given me connections to 1-800-Got-Junk to get me furniture in my place. Connections that helped with dental work that wasn’t covered on my insurance. Connections to get my son into preschool. Having the connections with other humans, that actually learn where I’m coming from and stand beside me as I progress from poverty. Although the material things are wonderful, as I enjoy sitting on my couch or laying in my bed, these do not compare to the connections I have found within my chapter. I love knowing that I can walk up to someone in my chapter and ask questions such as I have a job interview, where can I possibly find clothes? Where can I get a certificate so that I can get a raise? Who helps with cars?

The networking alone has opened so many doors for me, as this is the part about Circles that will always stand out. To not be stuck in a rut of trying to find a job, trying to find a resource of how to get to a job interview, and having the opportunity to be able just to talk to somebody, because when life gets hard you need to lean just for a moment.

Circles has given me something I never really knew I needed - self-respect.

I've learned that I am worthy of change for good. I am worthy of not letting my past be my future. I am worthy of being more than a statistic. To ask how circles has changed me is really hard to put in a few words. I know this first and foremost I will graduate but I'm never leaving Circles. I will be there helping the next group continue. I will be someone else's support. I will be somebody else's network connection.

I will be, so that they may be.

Circles has taught me... I am worthy.