I love my job as a Circles Coach. It has been my dream to have the opportunity to help others and be a support system to people that are struggling to get out of poverty. I was a single mom raising four children and did not have the support or resources necessary to help me succeed. It wasn't until I started my job at Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments. I was blessed to have a boss that truly cared about her staff and wanted to see them succeed. She saw something in me that I did not see in myself. She encouraged me to move up in the agency. My boss supplied me with the tools and resources to get the proper training necessary to move up in the job.

There were times I didn't think I could do it, I would get discouraged and wanted to give up. My boss never gave up on me and let me know that giving up was not an option. I kept pushing forward and never looked back. I don't know where I would be at in my life if I didn't have an Ally like my boss in my life.

Renee HeadshotSo now that I am thriving and no longer living everyday trying to survive. I love that I now have the opportunity to work with others that have the same struggles I had when I was living in poverty.  Now I can be a support system and encourage the Circle leaders that I work closely with to keep moving forward and don't let the small or large obstacles get in the way of the goals they set to reach economic stability. I want them to know Circles Carbon truly wants to see each one of them thriving.

I've been so blessed to have grown my social network and now believe my children have a bright future ahead of them. I have broken the cycle of poverty for my children. This makes my heart happy.