In August of 2017 I was introduced to Circles Davis County. I was in the process of leaving an abusive marriage. For the first time in my life, I had NO family support. I had always had family to help during the inevitable rough times of life. 

THE pivotal point in my life turned out to be in 2017.  My ex-husband placed a protective order on me that:

Ruie with Lamont
Ruie with Lamont

1) forcefully removed me from our home

2) seized my access to all of our accounts for three weeks

3) (and hardest of all) forced me to defend myself against the false protective order in place. 

Considering the lack of family support I had at the time, Lamont and his team at Circles Davis County literally saved me from the second MOST difficult year of my life. The life I had built for six years was crumbling around me, yet I showed up every single Thursday evening.

I began to learn and take advantage of all the resources available through this vital life changing program. I began using the resources from guest speakers and was able to get a game plan together to get back on my feet. Circles Davis County brought in a company from a credit agency as a guest speaker to discuss how credit worked, and the importance of maintaining a good score. I visited with the company the following week. They helped me understand my credit report. I left understanding my credit situation for the first time in my life! It was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I have since brought my credit score up over 100 points and pre-qualified to purchase a home. I had three addresses during that time in my life.

In April of 2018, I got us our own place to live. ALONE!!! It was not easy and took some time, but I did it. 

When I started Circles, I re-learned how our government was set up by our Big View leader Daneen Adams. 

Ruie with Voter Registration
Ruie encouraging her community to register to vote. 

Circles Davis County made me realize that I have a passion for politics.

In particular, I have a passion to defend the most vulnerable of our society. 

During the summer of 2018, I volunteered to register voters. I also educated the great people of Utah about important propositions and Utah voting rights. I also volunteered my time to a childhood friend that was running for Congress. As the numbers unfolded, I am proud to say Hispanic voter turnout in the state of Utah was up over 170% this past election. All three of the propositions on our ballots that favor the vulnerable of our society PASSED!!! I am extremely proud to have been a small part of such an AMAZING accomplishment.

I have successfully defended myself and others through many trials because I have a strong foundation of support. I am now a dedicated Circles Ally; my foundation of positive support comes from non-family members. I could write a book on my journey with this wonderful organization, but I will keep it short due to the purpose of my story today. I want to express my deepest heart felt gratitude to the wonderful caring people of Davis County Circles.

I promise to pay it forward and help end generational poverty.