I want to express my deepest heart felt gratitude to the wonderful caring people of Davis County Circles. I promise to pay it forward and help end generational poverty.

Ruie's Story

In August of 2017 I was introduced to Circles Davis County. I was in the process of leaving an abusive marriage. For the first time in my life, I had...
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Circles has given me the hope that I needed in order to improve my life. And to prove to myself that I can do more, and I can be more.

Bethany's Story

I was born in Iowa with a rare genetic disorder called craniofrontonasal dysplasia. At an early age I had several surgeries. Procedures were done to separate two fingers, straighten my...

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In this initiative, they don't do things for you; they teach you how to do the things yourself. They give you the tools to do them and let you choose whether you implement them or not.

Hiedi's Story

With medical bills piling up and her husband unable to work for two years, Hiedi didn't know where to turn for help--until a friend at church introduced her to Circles...

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I feel great about where I am; and because of the lessons I learned and the people who showed up for me at Circles, my future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

Noelle's Story

Five years ago, I was working two full-time jobs as a caregiver. I would spend my only day off working 10 hours trying to run a small pizza stand at...
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Circles helped re-enforce the idea that I could have something better.

Trevor's Story

In spite of cerebral palsy and a mental illness diagnosis early in his life, Trevor knew he could be and do more than he was in early 2015. And he was right.
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